Katerina Kovalchyk: “Coming For My Oscar”

Katerina Kovalchyk: “Coming For My Oscar”

Emel Kabataş


Katerina Kovalchyk is a promising young actress who graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Theatre Academy in 2015. She started her acting career by performing at stage. Then she went to the United States to take part in two feature films. We anticipate that we will see more of her in 2016. The talented actress gave us a short interview.

First of all, would you tell us about yourself a bit? Who is Katerina Kovalchyk?

Katerina Kovalchyk is an aspiring actress. I am 22 and just finished my study at the Academy of Art and Theatre. Now I receive invitations to many films all over the world.

When did you decide to become an actress? What made you to choose this profession?

First time a thought popped in my head about being an actress when I turned sixteen. By then, I couldn’t really understand what it is to be an actress, so I just wanted to become successful and famous. After a while, after a long work, when I was studying in the Academy, I realized how much I really wanted to perform and bring something big in our world. To give people those emotions and feeling that they really want to experience, that they want to taste.

You have already put 5 stage plays and 2 films in your portfolio and you are not even 23 yet. You must be pretty busy. Do you have enough time to spend on your hobbies such as horse riding and juggling?

Of course, I am very busy but I always try to catch all. Sometimes my hobby is combined with my roles. For example, when we were shooting “The Private”, there were scenes with horses and horse riding, so I spent a great time riding my favourite creatures!

It is written in your biography that you are specialized in both theatre and cinema. Which one would you prefer if you had to choose between these two?

Oh, of course it would be a very hard choice for me because I love both cinema and theatre. I love them differently. These are two very different directions. But my heart belongs to cinema. Cinema for me is an incredible world of impossible feelings!

We have heard that you got involved in “The Private”, your first project in the U.S., after getting in touch with the director through social media. Would you explain how that happened?

Yes, it’s true! I think it was an amazing coincidence. John Coulter saw a piece of my audition for another film project – in a language he doesn’t speak – and immediately decided that I would be the best for his beautiful film.

“The Private” is a historical drama, and you play a woman who joins the Civil War by disguising herself as a man. We know that you did some research about the Civil War for this role. What were your information resources except the film/novel “Gone With the Wind”?

For every film project I spend a lot of time researching as much as I can. Before “The Private” I examined many movies such as “Cold Mountain”, “Glory”, “Gettysburg”, “Saving Private Ryan” and others. Also, I studied Civil War history and learned a lot about women at The Civil War. I discovered a great documentary: “The Civil War” by Ken Burns. It helped me very much.

Your second project is “The Souldier” which is a sci-fi action. Apparently, the films in which you have starred so far did not give you the opportunity to do observations in real life.  How did you prepare yourself for your role in “The Souldier”?

Yes, you are right. From the Civil War surroundings I jumped right to sci-fi, future. But war is all the same across times and places. Weapons change, pain stays the same. We were preparing for days, weeks with the director for this project. As well as I did a lot of research myself, everything that I could find.

What is next for you? What are your plans in the near future? You say “Coming for my Oscar”. Is that among your short-term plans, or is it a long-term plan?

Now I’m working on two new projects both of which are to be shot in L.A. I can’t tell you all the secrets but you’ll see! Oscar is of course my short-term plan!

We wish you success. Thank you very much.



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